Doors are now closed! 

The Bodhisparks is not available to the public ATM. 

But not to despair! Read on, dear courageous soulspark!

Tired of being an extra in your own movie?

The Bodhisparks is for the spirit-seeking empath, creative, or warrior who is looking to break free from limiting beliefs and trust in themselves. Learn to break old patterns, nurture yourself with accountability + support from kindred spirits, fuel your days with inspiration from what matters, and rediscover what makes you fall in love with life again.

Isn't it time to feel what it's like to live your potential?

Maybe you've tried, but something hasn't clicked yet. You know there's something inside of you begging you to be released. There's something inside that tells you that life must mean more than this - and you want to see it all the way through. 

You want to fulfill your potential, rather than going through the motions. This means you're ready to rewrite the distorted love maps you were conditioned to use, break old patterns + endless cycles of people pleasing or self-sacrificing, release burdens + toxic relationships that drain you of your life force and joy... but you haven't found the the right combination of things that clicks this into place.

Well, my dear friends... it's time to bring your purpose to life.

You can't do it alone. No wo/man is an island, and self-development on your own is incomplete (and so slow...)

(Did I mention it's excruciatingly slow?)

You deserve to be here. If you struggle with feeling like a burden, like you need to earn your place or love, are afraid of abandonment or rejection... and you know you've got too much to share with the world to be wastin' any more time, this is the perfect place for you to be.

Find peace from guilt or shame, get unstuck from the past, release the burden, and learn to live with an open heart and an unshakeable confidence with the strategies backed by science and the help of your fellow Bodhispark soul-siblings. 

In love and gratitude,

xo Jisunny (Dr. J)

Does this sound like something you've been searching for? 

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